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Tuesday, May 22, 2007 (CST) - Web Services
speaker: Mike Culver from Amazon.com

The Future of Web Services

6pm - 9pm
{Speaker's notes provided}

What’s possible in a post Web 2.0 world? Innovation continues at a mind-bending pace, and this presentation will showcase some thought-provoking new directions that Web Services are headed in (imagine computers programmatically calling people to perform tasks), as well as introduce a concept known as “Web Scale Computing”. The presentation will also provide an overview of Amazon Web Services, and feature a code demonstration showing how .NET developers are able to easily build managed clients for these services


More importantly, it’s an opportunity for an interactive discussion about what the future, shaped by Web services and Web Scale Computing, looks like.


Amazon spent ten years and over $2 billion developing a world-class technology and content platform that powers Amazon web sites for millions of customers. Most people think “Amazon.com” when they hear the word; however developers are excited to learn that there is a separate technology arm of the company, known as Amazon Web Services or AWS. Using AWS, developers can build software applications leveraging the same robust, scalable, and reliable technology that powers Amazon’s retail business. AWS has now launched eleven services with open API’s for developers to build applications, with the result that over 200,000 developers have registered on Amazon’s developer site to create applications based on these services. 


As promised, here are some links for you:
More info on Amazon Web Services: http://aws.amazon.com
The code! http://s3.amazonaws.com/AmazonS3WithASPNET/IntegratingAmazonS3WithASPNet.zip
A screencast of the demo: http://s3.amazonaws.com/AmazonS3WithASPNET/AmazonS3WithASPNET.wmv

Mike Culver joined Amazon Web Services after almost eight years in evangelism at Microsoft, where he saw .NET move from a provocative idea to the preeminent development platform for serious development. As an Amazon Evangelist, Mike works in the Developer Relations Group of Amazon Web Services. In that capacity he once again helps developers take advantage of cutting-edge technologies that are going to change the way we think about computer applications.

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