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Our intent is to provide a forum for developers to learn about and discuss the various components of a production quality ASP.NET application.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 (CST) - A Night At the SPA
speaker: Microsoft MVP Chris Love

6PM - 9PM

A Night At the SPA

Single Page Web Applications don’t have to be complicated, in fact they can be liberating. Many misconceptions and bad practices are flooding the Internet.

This session dives into a Single Page Application and how to solve many problems developers have building modern, fast, responsive touch friendly web applications. We are going to review the example movie application featured in Chris Love’s latest book, High Performance Single Page Web Applications [http://amzn.to/1b0twcm]. You will see how to put performance, mobility and touch first without sacrificing developer sanity.

Please visit the live demonstration application, http://movies.spawebbook.com and source code https://github.com/docluv/movies and have questions and comments ready!

Eventbrite - Dallas ASP.Net Meeting - Mar 25,  2014

Chris has around 20 years, yes that's right, of web development experience. He has built a wide variety of web sites and applications in those years. In the past couple of years he has begun to immerse himself in the mobile web application space. This is giving him some amazing experiences using cloud technologies, HTML5 and all the major mobile platforms. Currently he is obsessed with modern web and mobility to help solve the problems many enterprises are having adapting to the rapidly changing technology landscape.

Chris's Other Engagements

Chris Love will be speaking at the Dallas Day of .NET March 28-29. He is doing a SPA workshop at Improving Enterprises on the 27th. The workshop’s price is $150, including lunch. If it is paired with a Day of .NET pass you save $100 on both. http://dallasdayofdotnet.com/PreConferenceWorkshop.html

Chris has authored 2 books and is a 6 time ASP.NET MVP. Chris regularly speaks at user groups, code camps and other developer events. He Blogs at http://love2dev.com.

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