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Our intent is to provide a forum for developers to learn about and discuss the various components of a production quality ASP.NET application.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 (CST) - Creating Responsive UI’s with ASP.NET AJAX
speaker: INETA Speaker - Rachel Appel

6PM - 9PM

Internet savvy users have come to expect a high level of interaction, responsiveness and robustness when dealing with web applications, and in this session we will use the ASP.NET AJAX control toolkit to create user interface enhancements for web pages that behave more like traditional Windows applications.

We’ll also take a look at replacing the UpdatePanel control and using code from the ASP.NET AJAX Script Libraries as well as capturing data returned in JSON format from script callable web services to optimize our web applications. 

Finally we’ll look tips and tricks to bring our website’s performance standards to the same level of performance that the users demand.


Rachel has been working as a mentor, instructor, software developer, architect and DBA for nearly 20 years. During her career, Rachel has worked with a variety of languages, technologies and systems and has contributed to projects of all sizes including large scale enterprise applications at some of the world’s leading companies.


Rachel is the Vice President of the .Net Valley user group, as well as a leader and regular speaker in the Philly.NET and Central Penn.NET user groups of Pennsylvania. She can also be found speaking at code camps, user groups, community events and conferences.

Rachel’s expertise lies within developing solutions that align business and technology using the Microsoft .NET family of products, particularly ASP.NET & SQL Server. She is also an ASP.NET MVP, ASPInsider and holds the Microsoft Certified Trainer, MCAD & MCSD certifications.


In 2008 Rachel has joined the team at Wintellect as a hired gun.

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