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Tuesday, October 26, 2010 (CST) - CodeCamp Recap
speaker: Toi B Wright

6PM - 9PM
{Speaker's notes provided}

This month's presentation we have something for everyone. I am speaking at a couple of events in Arkansas and I thought it would be fun to present the hightlights from each of my talks at my own user group.


Adding MVC to a Web Forms Application

In this presentation I will show you how to add MVC to an existing web forms application.


jQuery Essentials

In this presentation I cover selectors, filters, effects, properties, writing extensions, AJAX, and the new jQuery templating.


What's New in Enterprise Library 5.0

The Enterprise Library has been completely rewritten. In this presentation I describe the changes and demonstrate the new features in the Data Access Application block that allow you to retrieve data as objects and to perform asynchronous data access.


Meeting Notes

A number of people have requested a copy of the sample application that was built using jquery. This zip file contains all of the examples from the presentation as well as a few extras that demonstrate how to use jquery templating -jquerydemo.zip.


Toi Wright is has been working as a software developer for over 25 years. She has a BS in Computer Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. She has been a Microsoft MVP in ASP/ASP.NET since 2005.


Ms Wright is the Founder and President of the Dallas ASP.NET User Group.

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