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Our intent is to provide a forum for developers to learn about and discuss the various components of a production quality ASP.NET application.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 (CST) - INETA Speaker - Paul Sheriff
speaker: Paul Sheriff

6PM - 9PM

We are very lucky to have INETA Speaker - Paul Sheriff as our guest this month. He has graciously agreed to present on two different topics.


From 2-Tier to N-Tier in Minutes

You know you need to code using N-Tier techniques, but you are not really sure how to. In this presentation you will watch as the presenter converts a typical 2 tier application into an N-Tier application. You will learn how to create a data access layer using the LINQ to SQL Classes and business rule classes. Best practices and a standard approach to building these classes will be presented.


You will Learn:

1. How to convert a 2 Tier application to an N-Tier application
2. How to create a Data Layer using LINQ to SQL
3. How to create a Data Tier class
4. How to build a business class

Maintaining State in ASP.NET Applications
Developing web applications requires you to manage “state”. All web environments are ‘stateless’ and thus you have to come up with ways to keep track of user data between web page calls. There are many ways to accomplish state management. What are all the ways, and which ones are best? That is what you will learn in this presentation.

You will Learn:
1. Effective Session Variable usage
2. Differences between Application and Cache objects
3. Using Cookies and going Cookie-less
4. Take advantage of server-side state management
5. Use of ViewState

Paul D. Sheriff is the President of PDSA, Inc. www.pdsa.com, a Microsoft Partner. Paul acts as the Microsoft Regional Director for Southern California. Paul has authored several books, webcasts, videos and articles on .NET, SQL Server and SharePoint. Paul can be reached at PSheriff@pdsa.com or at Paul Sheriff's Inner Circle www.PaulSheriffInnerCircle.com.

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