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Our intent is to provide a forum for developers to learn about and discuss the various components of a production quality ASP.NET application.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 (CST) - Expose your Entity Framework Data Models with WCF
speaker: Shawn Weisfeld

6PM - 9PM

The WCF Data Services (a.k.a. ADO.NET Data Services or code name Astoria) framework consists of a combination of patterns and libraries that enable the creation and consumption of data services for the web. This is implemented in done in a standards based (OData) RESTful way serializing the data to JSON or AtomPub. In this talk we will introduce the WCF Data Services platform, talk about the basic underpinnings of the technology. Then we will build a simple Entity Framework Data Model and using WCF Data Services expose it to a simple web application. Through this process we will discuss retrieving data via URI and LINQ to ADO.NET Data Services.

Shawn (http://www.shawnweisfeld.com) is a Staff Developer at a fortune 100 company. There he specializes in intranet & smart client development for internal line of business applications. Besides his day job Shawn also is an Adjunct Professor at The Florida Institute of Technology. He also does freelance software development work for local small businesses and training. In his free time he volunteers with INETA NorAm (http://www.ineta.org/) where he serves at the Director of Community Activities. Shawn started his career at his family business in Port St. Lucie FL while working on his undergraduate degree in Business Administration at the University of Central Florida and after a year off Shawn moved back to Orlando to pursue a Masters degree in Management Information Systems at The University of Central Florida and has since earned a second Masters degree in Computer Information Systems from Florida Institute of Technology.

Shawn is a  Microsoft C# Most Valuable Professional. Shawn is an avid technology presenter and since July of 2005 Shawn has presented at many user group events, and even got to speak for Microsoft at the launch of Visual Studio 2008.

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