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Tuesday, May 27, 2008 (CST) - An Introduction to LINQ and Integrated Querying
speaker: Rob Vettor

6PM - 9PM
{Speaker's notes provided}

While most enterprise applications are object-oriented, the data upon which they depend is not.  Today, binding these two platforms together results in a significant amount of lost productivity as well as a less than optimal solution. 
Come and take a detailed look at the “LINQ Project “ to see what Microsoft is doing to help bridge the mismatch between OO and data.  As we examine the following areas:

• How LINQ manifests a move from an imperative to a declarative style of programming.
• Adding language and framework extensions to provide a single, unified approach to querying data.
• Examples of querying data from multiple data domains:  In-memory, database, ADO.NET constructs and XML documents.
• A look at Microsoft upcoming Entity Framework.
• How LINQ fits into a multi-tiered application.

Be prepared for a solid overview with lots of code examples. 

Speaker's Notes

Rob has provided both his PowerPoint slides and his demo in this one file: LINQ.zip

Rob Vettor is a Microsoft .NET Architect/Senior Solution Developer, living in the Dallas area.  Rob has worked with a number of corporations and consulting companies, including Avanade, Raytheon and American Express. Rob who founded the Dallas .NET Architecture User Group (www.dotnetarch.com) , lives in Dallas, TX, with his wife, twin sons and three dogs.  You can contact Rob at robvettor@hotmail.com.

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